[Bell Historians] Norwich St John de Sepulchre

David Bryant davidbryant at 2BFVJ47Gm7kj8HkmEF2Cp29X9AwzDPKCmzP7eIXgW8BIV6ejzQmMM8gSq6aV3fZGnOmGcpTOzumozP4JVOEg3Q.yahoo.invalid
Fri Oct 13 23:37:05 BST 2006

> By the way, the links quoted are not working as at the time of sending

It's because it breaks the link off after a certain number of characters -
you will see that only part of the link is underlined. Copy and paste all of
the link into the address line of the web browser and it should work - a bit
annoying but I don't know of any way to stop it doing this.



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