Major third bells

Richard Offen richard at
Tue Oct 17 06:58:47 BST 2006

> Are there any rings of major third bells?  If so, where?
> Carl

One that I know of: Rainhill, St Ann, 6, 1-3-16 in G, cast by 
Eijsbouts in 1995.   I've not rung on them but assume they follow the 
normal pattern for Eijsbouts major-third bells and have a second 
shoulder about two-thirds of the way up the bell.

As Chris Dalton so rightly says, bells with major-thirds do not have 
to have this curious extra shoulder.   Whitechapel certainly cast 
major-third bells without and others may do so as well.

Personally, I must admit to not being all that impressed by the sound 
of bells with a major-third, the tone being far too 'fluty' for my 
liking - but then our ears are so accustomed to the characteristic 
minor-third bells that anything different sounds odd.   Other 
musicians, not accustomed to traditional bell sounds, would probably 
think that a major-third was a positive improvement on the minor-
third which many find most disconcerting when they hear it!



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