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Yes I have heard that one, Its overall tone seemed to be very much
biased toward strong upper partials.
I would think a ring of bells would need a profile producing rather less
power from the upper partials.
If this was used maybe a little use of a graphic equalizer before the
single bell recording is used to simulate a whole ring would give an
idea of what should be possible.

I've got one - bell that is, not recording, that could be used for such
a purpose.


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Is there a recording of a single blow from a good major third bell,
because if so it would be easy with one of the ringing simulators to
create a nice touch being rung on any size peal of major third bells,
and let us have the file to judge.
It would take a bit more fiddling to octave stretch slightly to get a
less clinical simulation.

Alan said:
I believe there is a carillon if Los Angeles, the Crystal Cathedral,
that has major third bells. No doubt CSZ will know better. Alan.

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