Watlington, Oxon

John Baldwin Dovemaster at fWhUjyLSS1pyYOIL7Eg_YEcfBUasTvMiH0iLEgirDLLOzB31iuqd0NzaAIZBb0PiPv4B3B6mslG9IFe5Wxjl.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 19 10:55:04 BST 2006

As progress continues with the p-NBR details within Dove, one of the
issues that regularly recurs is the submission of tenor weights,
expressed precisely (by which I mean quoted as cwt and qr and lb
rather than as an approximation) and yet differing from the precise
value we are showing in the conventional Dove listing.  

Watlington tenor (M&S 1869) is a case in point.  Dove has shown 24-0-8
since edition 1 (1950) and yet p433 of Sharpe's Oxfordshire (Vol 1
appearing in 1949, the two visits to Watlington being 1948 and 1952)
shows 24-0-7.  Those dates are all sufficiently close for one not to
be able to postulate a typo either on FS's part or RHD's.

Does anyone have any authoritative information about the "precise"
weight this bell please?  If not it seems sensible for me to remove
this anomaly by amending the Dove weight to Sharpe's value.


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