The Art and Science of Change Ringing - William Banister (1874)

alanellis2 alan_ellis at
Fri Oct 20 04:56:53 BST 2006

David has given me permission to offer the following:

I'm currently having a facsimile reprint done of William Banister's
'The Art and Science of Change Ringing' (1874) and I was wondering if
anyone would like to purchase a copy of this fairly rare book.

It will be hand sewn and bound like the BN & RW Indexes.

Initial price with but 10 copies printed and bound will be GBP30.00
but if we can get 20 copies then the price can go down to GBP25.00.  
Price includes P&P.   (The response to date has been greater than
anticipated and so it looks like the price will be GBP25.00).  

Please let me know if you are interested.

Best wishes

Alan Ellis
Vancouver BC


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