WB 1612

Richard Offen richard.offen at i6edtiJoc_Lz6okvfgy4or9Oxu58P44EkbRa5akF2ykpzFq6asZNcPH4ORKLVAysd8NUXhsNPUWG1ttwlHv-DWjTsw.yahoo.invalid
Mon Apr 2 15:42:42 BST 2007

> Hanworth Norfolk 3 of 5 inscribed  ANNO DOMINI 1612 WB
> Rather crude lettering very large 3.5" high.
> Who?
> 2 has a ground out and stopped sound bow crack. 4 has a crown crack
> drill stopped below inscription band and has been heavily skirted.
> Incidentally if anyone has more information the other 2.  Treble 1655
> and 5th 1635, both nice castings and  good bells. Who are they by?
> I have some pictures.

I should think the older bells are by William Brend and the younger by 
John Brend.   

Are you sure the treble is dated 1655?   According to L'Estrange it, 
like the fifth, is dated 1635.



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