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Cathedral bell needs crack repair 

A 17th Century bell at Gloucester Cathedral is to be taken down for repairs
to a six-inch crack. 

The bell, the 11th of 12 in the belfry, will be transported to specialists
in Newmarket for welding. 

Records show that the 18 hundredweight bell is tuned to E, is 122cm in
diameter and was made by John Pennington of Exeter in 1626. 

It bears an inscription in Latin - Celis Nomen Gabrielis - but reads in
reverse as it was cast back to front. 

Cathedral press officer, the Reverend Geoff Crago, said: "It is a very long
time since I did Latin at school. 

"I can manage Nomen Gabrielis - the name of Gabriel - but I'm not sure about
Celis. Even an online Latin dictionary on the web couldn't help me with that
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