[Bell Historians] Gloucester

David Bryant davidbryant at L6HU28-Zd-YYA0bj0rg3CTpameKHLizEtE8bfF6aVT1RnKylNwp7oA75Ya-KFuTpWdH8mJO8oKsSy0xsNlr24Q.yahoo.invalid
Fri Apr 13 09:08:13 BST 2007

> was made by John Pennington of Exeter in 1626. 

I was under the impression that its founder was one of the Monmouth
Penningtons - can anyone comment?

As already mentioned on here, the inscription is reckoned to be a botched
facsimile of the previous bell. Has anyone looked at the lettering? Was the
old bell by the same founder as the extant 9th and 10th - both
pre-Reformation bells?



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