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It IS by the Monmouth Penningtons - one of the "I.P." bells of which there are a number in Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and Breconshire, and which H. B. Walters attributed to "John Palmer". Bliss & Sharpe's Gloucestershire tells the story of how documents found about the casting of the Gloucester bell gave the founders name and enabled these bells to be correctly attributed. It was John Eisel who discovered the site of the Pennington foundry.
  I hope they get it sorted out quickly - Royal on the FRONT TEN really doesn't add to the experience of shopping in Gloucester on a Sunday afternoon!
  Andrew Bull

David Bryant <davidbryant at fkzRkwd1aMK5InM3a7ToGA2fgF7mrNHgeE1-5dycmHB3iAdiI0CUEuHH1K0oMNdWnkoSAGT0NHWAvGF4BFkOZrQ.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
          > was made by John Pennington of Exeter in 1626. 

I was under the impression that its founder was one of the Monmouth
Penningtons - can anyone comment?

As already mentioned on here, the inscription is reckoned to be a botched
facsimile of the previous bell. Has anyone looked at the lettering? Was the
old bell by the same founder as the extant 9th and 10th - both
pre-Reformation bells?



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