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> I have been given a 30 page booklet 'The Bells of Birch' by J. 
Huxstep & A.L.Mosley;  printed privately in 1936 and sold in aid of 
the Belfry Repair Fund, price sixpence.
> Is this book known to others?  If it has rarity value I would like 
it to be in an association library, or with someone who will 
appreciate it.  The person that gave it to me thought that St James, 
Birch-in-Rusholme, was now deconsecrated and used as an old persons 
dwelling?  From a Google search I see that the bells were 
transferred to Holy Innocents, Fallowfield, in 1982.
> Any news of St James's that I can give to my donor, who was once a 
parishioner, would be appreciated.
> Dennis Powney,  Bromham, Wilts.

       The Lancashire Asociation have a collection of such items, 
just wondering if it might be of interest to them.

        I think the Librarian is Roland Eccles, and all documents 
and books are housed in Manchester Cathedral.



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