[Bell Historians] Beetles

Dickon Love dickon at tZfJ-LGjA2D97GcP4DyKRPGvKPQ603yjN2JY0BDGBl4MNYFxEf9aYmmJ--XZIjKvDqPOlDiHO9kVMG05.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 24 17:11:44 BST 2007

>  I looked at a bellframe today with an active infestation. The bore holes
>  are about 3-4mm diameter. Grub is grey – not sure how long cos
>  I’m squeamish and the beetle had a turquoise sheen to its shell.

Are you saying that they actually let you up towers too? I'll send you my considered opinion off-list.



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