[Bell Historians] Re: Thurnham/Kirkham

Barry Pickup jbpickup at J7JCYsXxSOhghdvOoIm0TxoAopDtZov3p6pBLpfGLXcSdPX_bY_PxN1v6kfujEBHA2U_pP2ky_M-zGKIy1g.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 24 22:17:46 BST 2007

--- Mike Chester <mike at bq74NRddKAaEwJzjl_4r4jSj1RR1BEYJR6dsUrMer_sB5cI_1Y8HmsDc962MVyZn6xJ3ycnS6BiViywwtUefCn0mE1aJ.yahoo.invalid> wrote:

> Kirkham had an unusual rope circle, back 4 ropes in
> standard 4-bell 
> positions and the two trebles in the middle of the
> circle, IIRC.  

>From my (admittedly vague) memory I thought they had a
spiral circle wuth the tenor in the middle.


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