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The Roman Catholic church does have Ecclesiastical exemption from Listed
Building Consent, on the basis that it has a procedure in place for looking
after its architectural heritage.  But in my limited experience - based on
what happened when Lancaster RC Cathedral bells were rehung - it is much
more a matter of obtaining instructions from the competent authority than
the faculty procedure used by the C of E.

Peter Rivet

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  "I am enquiring of my contacts at the Church Commissioners whether the
  bells were specifically included in the sale. My hunch is that they were
  and would now be subject to RC law, whatever that is."

  I don't believe there's anything approaching the CofE's faculty
  jurisdiction, although as I recall (a bit rusty on this...) the RC
  church does have Ecclesiastical Exemption from secular planning controls

  The only other former CofE church which has been sold to the RC church
  and has a ring of bells which immediately springs to mind is St Leonard,
  Malton, which has a ringable Lester & Pack eight - and surprisingly good
  they are too!


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