[Bell Historians] New Chimes

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at 0gWVEp6JOredDLJGLoB2xvPJdK7NdbJqgW9KyDZAYxy2vNbEbT99OW7K4X6lrbwk_lk8JYz2WEqZYnvwhNDAqLiG.yahoo.invalid
Fri Apr 27 09:37:26 BST 2007

> At Mr Green's Lighting factory near Wantage a 5 bell clock chime
> "An older bell in the new belfry near Wantage, (which also has a
> chime of 4 new bells in B), is by Thomas Purdue 1650, at 353Kgs. It
> was originally from Chilcompton, Somerset, and retuned by Taylors (we
> think it was a sharp Bb now retuned to B). The chime bells start at
> 58Kgs and are B, D#, E, F#. The largest bears the
> inscription "Poulton Hall Estate 2007", new bells also cast by
> Eijbouts.

Just to say that there was no bell dated 1650 by Thomas Purdue in the old
ring at Chilcompton.  Thomas Bilbie, a century later, maybe...



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