[Bell Historians] New Chimes

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Fri Apr 27 15:05:29 BST 2007

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, "David Bryant" 
<David.Bryant at ...> wrote: Incidentally, the Keltek site says that the 2nd is
going to Manor Farm, Wantage.


shows it to be a rather posh B&B now, but with reasonable rates. Looks 
like might be the sort of place to have a building round the back with 
a clock in it!


Did John Betjeman live there at one time?  If he did he would certainly have
approved of the bell.

  I can't find our copy, but I think the place is illustrated in 'Archie and
the Strict Baptists' (who might find favour with some list readers as he
didn't approve of church)



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