[Bell Historians] Early Facsimiles and other copies of Bell Ringing books.

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Wed Aug 1 00:11:07 BST 2007

Hello David,

Thank you for this information. As I have only purchased my facsimile 
copy Of Church Bells of Wiltshire recently, I have not had a chance to 
read and analyze it like this.

Anyone ever done this for the Church Bells of Lancashire?

Best wishes


David Bryant wrote:
>  > 1970 Church Bells of Berkshire Original!
> This was originally published in parts in the Berkshire Archaeological 
> Journal (or some such title). Off-prints were issued (I've just had a 
> look and they don't appear to have continuous pagination). So far as I 
> am aware, the whole set were never issued as a single volume, so any 
> complete volumes of the original which exist must have been collected 
> and bound by individuals.
> The Kingsmead reprint is a facsimile of the original, but with 
> continuous pagination. The illustrations are all collected together at 
> the end of the book. An appendix giving details of changes since the 
> original work was published is also included, plus a few additional 
> illustrations.
> David
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