[Bell Historians] Early Facsimiles and other copies of Bell Ringing books.

Alan Ellis alan_ellis at NnR6CEpMKJen67-S2Y0F-4h9uZbu59dPYWHHse6hFTY5cs6ttN3_ZjoxPrvCqrnNdQoacUfZK67qzUW5.yahoo.invalid
Wed Aug 1 00:20:37 BST 2007

Hello Sam,

Yes, I have seen these on ebay.

Do you think that the Shipway one might be good enough to produce a 
facsimile book?   Naturally I'd have to get 'Nick the Recorder's' 
permission.  One starts the process of a facsimile with a good 
electronic copy.

Although I have not yet been able to complete any agreements with the CD 
producer, I would not mind doing a facsimile of Church Bells of Cornwall 
if there is enough demand.  I've had a couple of inquiries.

Best wishes


Sam Austin wrote:

> Some chap on ebay calling himself "Nick the Recorder" is doing copies of 
> Shipway's Campanologia and also of Troyte's book on CD. I have the 
> Shipway and its good.
> Aye
> Sam

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