Early Facsimiles and other copies of Bell Ringing books.

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Wed Aug 1 11:03:03 BST 2007


Just a reminder (or for your info, and that of all on this list, should 
you not have realised it), the Kingsmead reprint of CB Berkshire by 
Fred Sharpe is STILL available - from me, as are the CDs of CB Oxon 
also by Fred.  (This is just so that you have comprehensive info as to 
what is available and where.  Our price list will be kept up-to-date 
via occasional RW adverts and (although it currently does need an 
update) on:


It is my view that certain others of H B Walters' publications, notably 
Shropshire and Worcs (neither of which I have seen for sale for a 
long time at any reasonable price) would have some kind of market.  The 
question, as always, is the balance between item price / sales / cost 
of venture.


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