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Thu Aug 2 10:49:54 BST 2007

Do it anyway



On 8/2/07, John David <johnedavid at K1W0P5gvzf45TqVjFKIfvE0kGPfCeSfy7HZZ_PpDRVRuhDvHwqW0bsgz8z3tHHR2c6755ekmScZp_2zgYAk.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
>   There was a half-page obituary of John Scott in the Totnes local
> newspaper
> for Wednesday July 25t, page 11. (I am not sure what the paper is called
> since the page my daughter has sent me does not say)
> I have OCR'd it and could send it to the list but in view of the current
> furore about copyright am not sure if this is allowable
> John David
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