Whitechapel and canons

Richard Offen richard.offen at -QpiSReFWomDP304tFFZeFzfGhd7IKxwZKzOhFki6WslS2Nw-uZGOGMtrWhY82zxn8jlNJ12xpEhvz9OH4xNnw.yahoo.invalid
Sat Aug 11 00:30:48 BST 2007

As for Chiddingstone, looking at the photographs on Dickon's CBOK web 
site, I see that all the older bells have had their canons removed.    
I therefore think we can be 99.99999% certain that the modern 
Whitchapel bell was cast without canons - why cast a bell with canons 
only to immediately cut them off!



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