[Bell Historians] Heaviest bells on plain bearings

John Cater John at Eh-FvwXne-TSzNZo72E2dSjJ7p4Z-fcOWtlauA_2CsyL8iW6pTm-5NP-1UkRPS7eNV7wh7-2pyIcaZHS9w.yahoo.invalid
Sat Aug 11 23:11:01 BST 2007

From: "Richard Smith" 
> On Friday I had a discussion about where the heaviest
> ringable ring of bells were that remained on plain bearings.
> The best we came up with was Clare, Suffolk at 28 cwt.
> Does anyone have any advances on that?

Burton on Trent, St Paul (10)  28-2-9

John Cater


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