[Bell Historians] Heaviest bells on plain bearings

David Bryant davidbryant at JLeTSr8RpKbpTHb5Tr_Oo7rGyfwHzkIE4bSldiVB5TQOVeMfbOF4y2hCPrGJo796hGBHQxM1lzh73xe-vZ5zuQ.yahoo.invalid
Sun Aug 12 11:55:59 BST 2007

> Long Ashton 4th was rehung on plain bearings, taking some time to "run
in", after the headstock 
broke (see 
b=1&m=f&o=0 ).

Interesting photo. I see from Dove that the tenor is Taylor's 1903, so I
assume the headstocks and bearings will date from then? Incidentally, are
the canons off all of them? This information isn't on Dove at present.



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