[Bell Historians] Heaviest bells on plain bearings

whrrr1978 mark at 8HNWD9zfS2iEdRfCplWKwhFgzS1wB3IHi9GGasLgNeKzrJAAc_yfph4ob10AR8aT30lrjwcXd7KFGaroL7ux8wk.yahoo.invalid
Sun Aug 12 11:49:00 BST 2007

Congresbury 3rd was rehung on ball bearings. Long Ashton 4th was rehung 
on plain bearings, taking some time to "run in", after the headstock 
broke (see 
b=1&m=f&o=0 ).

Both tenors remain on plain.


--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, matthewhigby at ... wrote:
> Congresbury (34cwt) are still on plain bearings. Long Ashton (30cwt)  
> One bell at each tower has been recently rehung but I'm not sure if 
they  are 
> on ball bearings or plain again.


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