[Bell Historians] NBR

John Camp camp at UARxKx76lDqrAdSxPBJuX3zCLZpyBH2ui91xAfW3YfubsheB-FztSoQo8NnRm2kE1FjztT99oUGpTdmwnQ.yahoo.invalid
Wed Aug 22 09:15:09 BST 2007

At 09:00 on 22 August 2007, Peter Humphreys wrote:
> This is the first email I have received from a Yahoo Group since Monday so
> maybe all the lists have been down. John Camp, for once, will be lost for
> words!

I am never lost for words. But, as far as I am aware, all the Yahoo
lists have been functioning normally.  This particular list had no
messages between Monday afternoon and this morning, but that's the way
things go.

John Camp


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