St. Cuthbert's Church, Edinburgh

Ted Steele ted.steele at
Sun Aug 26 16:43:08 BST 2007

By chance I came across a picture which may be of interest to members of 
this list. Perhaps it is well known. I would be most interested to know 
whether anyone has further information about it. It is from the 
Edinburgh Photographic Society web site and is in a section devoted to a 
photographer called Hippolyte J Blanc. He was also an architect and as 
such was responsible for the new St. Cuthbert's church. The picture is 
labeled "Raising of St Cuthbert's Parish Church Bell - 1902" and is 
printed by permission of the Yerbury Family. Was there a family 
association with the bell I wonder? None is evident from the people in 
the picture, all of whom are named on the site (one of them is Hippolyte 
himself.), nor is it apparent that any of them were ringers but does 
anyone know differently? Dove records St Cuthbert's as having 10 bells; 
could this perhaps be the tenor? 

The following link to the picture is rather long but in case of 
difficulty putting "hippolyte eps" (without the quotes) into google 
brings up the appropriate page at the top of the list. The site has 
12,00 pages and 9,000 pictures so there may well be more of this kind of 




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