[Bell Historians] St. Cuthbert's Church, Edinburgh

David Bryant davidbryant at HSj3IVsN9lgKmNc3_HjD5RmCQspL7O5RwBpNXga5FT4wuhK9TiRtumbqLvMHCwYpLVWwCJBq7meZefLB2pjD.yahoo.invalid
Sun Aug 26 16:53:30 BST 2007

"Dove records St Cuthbert's as having 10 bells; 
could this perhaps be the tenor? "

The back 8 are Taylor's 1902 so it's certainly one of them - from the size
it appears to be one of the back bells. I expect someone on here will have
details of the inscriptions which might shed further light.



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