Old Wolverton

Bill Hibbert bill at leJKvX5Zbex-62C-1lY5StmmNzFeBd7S9sA4tKabZHvBBS122YDD-0LpnESt3dMCGbYKVxZoZonlqfziFQ.yahoo.invalid
Fri Dec 14 14:36:42 GMT 2007

I was passing through Old Wolverton the other day, as you do, and 
stopped for a ring on this anti-clockwise Briant six of 1820. I was 
taken with the sound of the bells which I thought was quite good for 
the date. The bells were rehung by Whitechapel in 1951. Joyce Dodds 
in 'Hertfordshire Bellfounders' describes the bells as largely 
untouched. Does anyone know if they were retuned in 1951 - looking at 
the tuning figures, I found it hard to decide.

Bill H


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