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Mon Dec 24 11:29:10 GMT 2007

Updating my Church Bells of Warwickshire website - seemed like a good idea at the time, going to take much longer than I thought!

I noticed that it was taking me a long time to move through the alphabet, so I checked on Dove.  If names were distributed evenly (yes I know X & Z, etc) about 3.85% would start with each letter.

Out of 7083 towers

292 start with A , 4.12%
825 start with B,  11.63%
626 start with C.  8.84%

Almost a quarter therefore start with the one of the first 3 letters of the alphabet.  Even allowing for the inclusion of Birmingham and Bristol, which bumps up the number, this seems a lot.  Is there any reason for this?

Merry Christmas!


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