Devon Bells

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at
Mon Jan 8 13:23:10 GMT 2007

Anne Willis writes:
> It's a pity it wasn't more widely advertised.  'Hertfordshire Bellfounders'
> was advertised in the RW and had nearly 200 subscribers. 
From: Neil Skelton
> To be fair I don't recall the book being advertised on the RW.  Otherwise I
> would have expected more 'ringing subscribers'. 

Absolutely. 'Old Bristolian' alerted several subscribers that would have 
otherwise been unaware of the book. Surely the potential additional 
subscribers would have far outweighed the cost of the RW advert. As it is 
now, with a cover price increase of 50% this was definitely an opportunity 
It is however a most fascinating book and certainly worth the investment.


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