[Bell Historians] Peculiars

John Camp camp at aPBNlJGpjwWjT-dKI6hnubUY93fdNn3wOYIN9aRF3DQitHdqEZVp_C_9IqABEyYcx2wfcqyS6n2zW9M.yahoo.invalid
Thu Jan 11 12:28:17 GMT 2007

At 11:54 on 11 January 2007, Philo wrote:

> A little while ago we a conversation about college chapels over our 
> GSM post-ringing coffee. 

> I seem to remember that we thought King's College, St John's College 
> and St Edward (King and Martyr) are definitely "Royal Peculiars" 
> (cant remember if we though of Trinity as one) and that all other 
> College Chapels are simply "peculiar" and I assumed that meant 
> Episcopal. 

Well - who do you believe? A working-party of ecclesiastical lawyers
(most of them Cambridge graduates, as it happens) or a group of
Cambridge ringers chatting over coffee? My money's on the ringers, any

John Camp


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