[Bell Historians] Peculiars

John Camp camp at l-opyqV34A4Ah2zYCGdaVmD0aJlqkSj0W67cNGdFas0tH0vu5SupR1UjgHwfHtEfsB0_YboyD3kWOpPDA3hY.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jan 13 21:37:34 GMT 2007

At 12:25 on 11 January 2007, Love, Dickon wrote:

> JEC - do you intend to update Wikipedia once your investigations are
> complete?

I'm tempted to do something about it. It is, of course, the research of
Paul Barber and the now defunct working-party which produced the
information now available.  I haven't done anything personally except
summarise the article in the ELJ.

John Camp


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