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Bill Butler will become the 28th to ring three thousand peals. See
http://www.craddock.haisoft.co.uk/pealbase/kilo.php for details.


Andrew Bull



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> Hello Richard,
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> Alan

I notice Bill rang his 2,999th peal yesterday - congratulations to him!

How many 3,000 pealers are there now? 

When I was a youngster we all marvelled at Ernest Morris reaching the 
seemingly unattainable total of 2,000 peals. Now, 2,000 pealers are a 
a common occurrence and there are quite a few who have rung 3,000. 

Who will be the first to ring 5,000? Will it be Colin Turner?

Looking at Chris Pickford's hands after turning the tenor in at St 
Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide the other day, I don't think it'll be him :-



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