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> Thanks to Mike pointing out that our web site needs updating. The 
details are as Mike says:
> 3rd ex-Scarborough, Holy Trinity
> 4th ex-Trinity House buoy bell
> 6th ex-Sittingbourne
> 7th ex-Wokingham, All Saints (3rd)
> tenor ex-Kidderminster (7th)
> Dave, Sec K.T.
As it was only stored at Sittingbourne and never hung there, 
shouldn't the sixth really be classified as 'ex-Croydon'?

What a shame that the two tenors at Orange couldn't have been  
modern, harmonically tuned bells rather than an old Rudhall (much as 
I love certain Rudhall rings!) and one by Chris Pickford's favourite 
founder, Thomas Mears II!   

To my mind the otherwise excellent new ring at St James', Sydney is 
somewhat marred by a tired sounding Rudhall tenor trying to compete 
with seven good Taylor bells.   I know it's all a question of 
availability and economics, but a shame none the less.



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