[Bell Historians] Tuning figures

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at E7zMeG95v0yupntcSrbI-7WSQGBAnXUe92bVj9wjrDxzuiFv2oHzSXR7MTON1hrjrFJi4q_DLBtjurHfyOk.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jan 17 18:03:13 GMT 2007

>> I have taken Peter of Exeter, and .. have
>> already published the figures on this list.
> So you did - many thanks. Your figures agree very well with those
> taken from a video-camera recording I made while running across the
> cathedral green towards the tower as the clock struck 12!
> Can anyone help with the others?
> * Big Ben
> * Great Abel (Manchester Town Hall)
> * Great John (Beverley)
> Cheers,
> Bill H

I haven't done any of these.  Westminster bells should be easy enough to
take, running across Parliament Square on the hour (but the quarters might
be more interesting).

Anybody else taken the pitches at Aldbourne?  I find I am in trouble with
figures for the Warner 1915 5th which, in fairness, does have some very
strange partial tones indeed.



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