Tuning figures

Bill Hibbert bill at StcjHWnSPoNVl8UOcpYuaPy3yeQtrP3aXKE_L8I_A7zDXcIBwvBbTKq-NVqV7Y3LK_G5Cj6r_QY_4fU.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 2 09:20:06 GMT 2007


> I have taken Peter of Exeter, and .. have
> already published the figures on this list.

So you did - many thanks. Your figures agree very well with those 
taken from a video-camera recording I made while running across the 
cathedral green towards the tower as the clock struck 12!

Can anyone help with the others?
* Big Ben
* Great Abel (Manchester Town Hall)
* Great John (Beverley)


Bill H


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