Fri Jan 19 01:22:02 GMT 2007

Am the originator and keeper of _WWW.ALLCHIMES.org_ 
(    Have been  worried about keeping the site afloat when I croak or unable 
to carry on.   Have posted a DEMISE section on this site.  It is far from 
perfect, but now  lets hear your suggestions.  Have to start somewhere.  
Should always have the title "DEMISE" on any site, whether linked or just  
out there.
should also have other standards for emails, such asw Pastor@, Office@,  
Music@ which means that mail would go to the right person, regardless of  
Had a thought that with explanations as deep as mine that another  programmer 
might come forward with programming suggestions also.
Joe Connors, Troy, NY USA,  Tower Chime Historian
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