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I received mine last Friday, and they are certainly beautiful books. Part
one contains something I've wanted for ages - a complete list of all bells
cast by the Bilbies. Have already scanned, OCR'ed and converted to Excel


Can echo DLC's comments about the proof reading. It's clear that some of the
updates came too late for inclusion - check out on-line Dove for more
accurate information regarding weights. Some additional Whitechapel detail
is there, plus some Taylor corrections like the missing weights from
Ashburton and the correct weights for the front bells at Cullompton. How sad
that there's still quite a lot of Whitechapel weights missing, and also some
G & J weights. I have a feeling we've discussed "canons" and "cannons" on
this list before, so I'm probably not alone in being a little irritated
every time I read about a bell's "cannons".


On the minus side, I'd have liked to see a little more history given on the
individual rings, particularly those where old rings have been completely
replaced in the last century or so. I can see I'm going to be doing some
digging in the "Metal and Brass" books at Taylors to dig out the details of
those rings completely replaced. Sadly, I have a feeling that I'm going to
have a problem with any new county survey book, courtesy of a certain Mr
Dalton - I've got used to seeing tuning figures, and reading that a
particular bell is "shockingly bad with the wildest of harmonics and a
throaty, wailing tone." ! Roll on Wiltshire....


But I would not detract from the work of Messrs Scott, Mack and Clarke. I am
delighted with them, and will always treasure them. Who'll be doing the web


Andrew Bull





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I too have received mine, and am delighted to be the owner of two
extensively researched and long-awaited volumes. I have noted - and as with
CD it started with Mr Blackbourn [Xe] - a number of e's and o's. I am pretty
certain that the pressures on JGMS both of his own health and the knock-on
effect of  FDM's death may have compromised the finer points of
proof-reading. What is not compromised, as Alan indicates, is the tremendous
amount of work represented in of these two volumes; likewise the scholarship
supporting them and the infectious love of Devon churches bells and ringers
which makes them for me such a pleasure to read.




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