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I too have received mine, and am delighted to be the owner of two extensively researched and long-awaited volumes. I have noted - and as with CD it started with Mr Blackbourn [Xe] - a number of e's and o's. I am pretty certain that the pressures on JGMS both of his own health and the knock-on effect of  FDM's death may have compromised the finer points of proof-reading. What is not compromised, as Alan indicates, is the tremendous amount of work represented in of these two volumes; likewise the scholarship supporting them and the infectious love of Devon churches bells and ringers which makes them for me such a pleasure to read.

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  I was pleased to receive my copy last week by the post office and have 
  been studying part 2 .
  I have found a few errors and omissions which may have occurred during 
  type setting.
  In alphabetical order:-
  Ashburton Some of the weights are missing, they were displayed on a 
  board in the tower, this was before the 3 and 4 were recast.
  Lundy Island The notes given for the trebles are not in correct 
  relationship with the original eight, which are right?.
  Mortoe The notes for given for the peal are incorrect, the 
  tenor is recorded as A# in Dove.
  Plymouth St Andrew The two trebles were replaced and not recast as 
  they were sent to other churches.
  Sidbury The notes for the 4 and 5 are transposed and the 7 should 
  be F#.
  Thornbury The note of the 2 should be Eb.
  Withycombe Raleigh The notes for the two new trebles are incorrect, 
  they should be Bb and Ab.

  I am very appreciative of the amount of work that has gone into these 
  two volumes.


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