Mike Greenhough

Bill Hibbert bill at pMjqAjtA9Dpbyg1pBGfvTcr_At-kTCQm2dWHvW01AXHh80xX3ka77IAf0Sei4EdrXtpRBqraUiYRWnL4Qg.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jan 20 11:37:35 GMT 2007

In 1976, Mike Greenhough of Cardiff University did an analysis of two 
bells from S. Cadoc, Pendoylan (an 1890s Charles Carr peal of six) and 
some innovative experiments on their strike notes. After searching for 
some while I have finally obtained a copy of his paper reporting the 
results from the Institute of Acoustics - four short but fascinating 

Was anyone on this list aware of (or involved in?) the work, and if so 
can they shed any light on why / how it was done? Did Mike do any more 
work on bells? - I haven't found anything else published.


Bill H


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