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Anne Willis has asked me to forward this.

[Can someone speculate as to why she is
having trouble sending messages directly?
I have removed her HTML which may be the
cause.  I forget the local rules on this
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Anne is absolutely right about Mrs Beeton's
technique and foundry-men seemed to be able
to do the same thing, but it would have been
horribly painful on the eyes!

Frank King

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Once again I can't get an answer onto the list.
Could you please forward the comment below to
bell historians.


Anne Willis


There's a fascinating section in Trevor Jennings'
'Master of my Art' in which the pattern of boiling
when the metal mix is just right is described.

What intrigued me is that it sounded very like
Mrs Beeton's description of jam boiling when it
has reached setting point, which I find works
very well.


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