[Bell Historians] Re: Devon Bells

Richard Offen richard.offen at TzY2yPn7tPXIHAcQ0qIqYB373jo51gkItigRiglEurQREtS-Bgl7UciaTZstX2JpJjuSUXCHR4B_PZKf7TKcBK0.yahoo.invalid
Sun Jan 21 13:43:32 GMT 2007

> I would guess that the itinerant foundry-men
> would have been just as good at assessing their
> melts before pouring the castings.  I can just
> imagine them saying, "needs more tin".
> Frank H. King
> Cambridge, U.K.

They certainly were.   

I can't remember where I have seen the data, but a number of old bells 
have been analysed and the copper and tin content was remarkably 
consistent and accurate.   



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