[Bell Historians] Re: Devon Bells

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at XkXdBHKEA8Ca90YC8-8rtNCLLxFoZRYufs0H0PnmE02pWaONgWrwqep7VtIe2YXvKnpezI2Oyb_1Gjw.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jan 22 15:54:50 GMT 2007

At 18:00 +0000 07/01/20, Frank King asked:
>old railway chairs (hey what is the American for these things?)

I think it's "plate", since one of the old railroad jobs was 
"plate-layer", i.e., one who laid the plates (chairs) on top of the 
ties (sleepers) before the rails were laid.  But I've also found a 
reference suggesting that the US word is "saddle", and maybe the 
common word is "base-plate".



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