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I'm sorry Frank but 'plate layer ' is very definitely ENGLISH.  One of the
blokes who taught me to ring (Frank Arnold) was a plate layer on the old LMS
line on a section from Market Harborough to Leicester ...ofcourse the
'plates' were already laid, but his job -as I understood 50 years ago was to
walk the stretch and test every plate especially the 'fish plate' at the
expandable joint, to note any that were in bad shape, and to replace them


On 22/01/07, Carl S Zimmerman <csz_stl at cvATuMKm037f8sXFv7lVnfKRr6daQ-eIVVH4F3Yx5d4Ggn5UWUctLGA89uAph9u26WJ9jzeedFBxMA.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
>   At 18:00 +0000 07/01/20, Frank King asked:
> ...
> >old railway chairs (hey what is the American for these things?)
> I think it's "plate", since one of the old railroad jobs was
> "plate-layer", i.e., one who laid the plates (chairs) on top of the
> ties (sleepers) before the rails were laid. But I've also found a
> reference suggesting that the US word is "saddle", and maybe the
> common word is "base-plate".
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