[Bell Historians] Big bells in Oz

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at Ov-7heOAKAul43X9PYx4HHiOGnznybvBSLOD-cG-sSU3nSa3hHX9jUsxBv4DiPq9ovPe8_jnUqQP_F8D5PQDOpSnrtsbXA.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jan 31 06:16:21 GMT 2007

As intimated in my earlier posting, I have a note of the exact weight of this bell at home - but not here "down under". But I see from another list that it's given as 98 cwt so perhaps not quite 5 tons.

Another bell to compete with it for Carl's purpose is the 123 cwt Taylor hour bell at Shanghai Custom House, cast in 1927. Is that bell still there? If so, it caps Sydney for heaviest not in a carillon outside Eurpoe and North America

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