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If Sydney Town Hall bells are G&J, (Gillett, Bland & Co or Gillett & Co) then they are 1884. The bells are :
5) 56"; 30-0-14.
4) 49"; 20-3-10.
3) 37"; 9-2-12.
2) 35 1/2"; 8-1-0
1) 33 1/2"; 7-2-14.


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  I heard the GPO clock strike 6:00 pm today and it is a fine sounding 
  bell. I didn't hear it chime the quarters beforehand though. 

  The nearby town hall clock has quarter chimes but they have been out 
  of sync for at least 2 years (I live within earshot of them).

  Antiquarian horologists must be thin on the ground in Sydney.

  Billy Clarke.

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  > Stumbled over this today at :-
  > http://warrenfahey.com/Sydney-Folklore/SECTION-14/sfp-section-14-
  > Can anybody add to the details?
  > David.
  > May 4 1891
  > Cast in England in 1890 "the castings have come out remarkably 
  > possessing very rich tone, especially the 5-ton tenor bell. Its 
  fine, full
  > resonance being greatly admired. Canon Cattley (Worchester 
  Cathedral who
  > blessed it) expressed high approval. He said they are certainly 
  the best
  > bells ever sent out of England. The first quarter bell is 2ft 9in 
  > diameter, the note C sharp, and weight 81/2 cwt.; the second, 3ft 
  > diameter, B 111/4cwt; the third, 3ft 4 in diameter, A 143/4 cwt., 
  > fourth, 4ft 4in in diameter, E 30cwt, and the tenor bell, 6ft 6in 
  > diameter, A weighing 5 tons. Each bell has the imperial crown and 
  > VIR with the words 'General Post Office, Sydney 1890.
  > The following lines from Tennyson's 'In Memoriam' are inscribed on 
  > bells, one line on each, commencing with the largest.
  > Ring out the false, ring in the true
  > Ring out the feud of rich and poor
  > Ring in redress to all mankind
  > Ring out false pride in place and blood
  > Ring in the common love of good
  > Cast by John Taylor of Loughborough designs by lord Grimthorpe.
  > The initials of Henry Parkes also appear H P

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