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> The Church in Wales elects its Archbishop, styled The Archbishop of
Wales who can be any one of the six Diocesan Bishops - he does not
have to move to Llandaff (Dr Williams, the previous Archbishop, was
Bishop of Monmouth, with his Cathedral at Newport). I have never heard
of a Welsh Cathedral styling itself Metropolitical or Metropolitan. 

While that is so (and there is, again, another attempt to make
Llandaff the permanent seat of the Archbishop), it does not preclude
the use of the adjective "metropolitical" for whichever cathedral
happens to house the seat of the "current" Archbishop.  Thus it is not
a permanent nomenclature for a given place; rather it is descriptive
of its function at that particular point in time in housing the chair
of whichever bishop also has been elected Arhcbishop.


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