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St. Catherine's Mile Cross has the original six bells from St. Mary at 
Coslany.  They are hung dead and are chimed - using an Ellacombe 
system.  They were moved in the late 1930s early 1940s due to the unsafe 
tower at St. Mary Coslany. 

These bells will never be hung for ringing at St. Catherine's as it is a 
1936 brick church with the tower over the chancel crossing   I used to 
chime them when I was a choir boy there numerous years ago. :-)

St. Andrew's church has a ten hung five, with three above and two above 
them.  The rope order is peculiar although I can never remember it.  
They were last rung around 1900.   The tower is reported to be unsafe as 
are the three frames!  I guess that it would be possible to rehang the 
bells and repair the tower at some significant cost.

I understand that the five at St. George Tombland are capable of being 
rehung at a reasonable cost, although when they were last rung is 
unknown to me.  Probably 19th century.

Hopefully someone can add to this bit of info, which is possibly out of 
Best wishes


Bickerton, Roderic K (SELEX) (UK) wrote:

> Does anyone know if there are any plans to restore the bells at this,
> or any other, Norwich tower?
> There have been a couple of letters about St Andrews, and there are
> chimes at St Catharine, mile cross and S George toomland. I certainly
> have not heard of anything getting as far as an estimated proposal.
> Look at http://www.bellhistorians.org.uk/norwich/ 
> <http://www.bellhistorians.org.uk/norwich/>
> A very good on line reference.
> The "site has been created by David Bryant using information compiled
> by David Bryant and Rev'd David Cawley"
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