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"St. Andrew's church has a ten hung five, with three above and two above them.  The rope order is peculiar although I can never remember it.  They were last rung around 1900.   The tower is reported to be unsafe as are the three frames!  I guess that it would be possible to rehang the bells and repair the tower at some significant cost."
There are two and two above, not 3 and 2. The tower appeared in reasonable condition when I went up there. If they were ever rehung, I'd imagine the best thing to do would be to put them in the clock chamber, leaving the interesting frame intact. This would also make them quieter outside - given the number of buildings around the tower this would be no bad thing. I have chimed them on the Ellacombe.
St George Tombland have been rehung dead in the old frame, by Whitechapel.
St Laurence is a CCT church. They do allow restoration projects, but have no funding for this themselves.

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