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Hello David,

Probably. :-)  One of a number  of senior choir boys.  Probably the only 
one who ever attempted Plain Hunt!   That would have been roughly early 
1956 to mid 1957 when I gave up the choir.

Don't remember a Stanley Plunkett, but there was certainly a 'Plunkett' 
there.  The Rev'd Bell was vicar.

Best wishes



David Cawley wrote:

> St Catherine's: As Alan says, the tower is just not suitable in plan, 
> elevation or situation to take them as a ring. They were hung by 
> M&S at St Catherine's when the present church was built in 1937 after 
> thirty years on the floor of St Mary Coslany following the removal of 
> the (remains of) the upper stage of that tower.
> St Andrew's: the ropes fall in the order 1-3-2-7-10-5-4-6-9-8. The 
> first peal of London Major was rung there, bad enough without the 
> back eight ropes falling 1-5-8-3-2-4-7-6! Otrher such examples in East 
> Anglia included Beccles and Horham. Both since rehung. Last ringing at 
> St Andrew's was 1902.
> St George Tombland. Rehung in 1975 in the old frame, for chiming. I 
> was DAC Adviser on Bells for Norwich at the time and also the NDA's 
> first Technical Adviser. It was quite by chance that the money became 
> available simply to hang them 'dead' on the old frame. The NDA at the 
> time had no significant bell fund, and like St Andrew's the tower 
> needed extensive work.They are a pleasant sounding minor five, 
> probably not rung in the last 150 years.  
> Alan: were you the lad who was chiming at Mile Cross in Stanley 
> Plunkett's time - i.e. when I was curate of Sprowston?
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>     St. Catherine's Mile Cross has the original six bells from St.
>     Mary at Coslany.  They are hung dead and are chimed - using an
>     Ellacombe system.  They were moved in the late 1930s early 1940s
>     due to the unsafe tower at St. Mary Coslany. 
>     These bells will never be hung for ringing at St. Catherine's as
>     it is a 1936 brick church with the tower over the chancel crossing
>       I used to chime them when I was a choir boy there numerous years
>     ago. :-)
>     St. Andrew's church has a ten hung five, with three above and two
>     above them.  The rope order is peculiar although I can never
>     remember it.  They were last rung around 1900.   The tower is
>     reported to be unsafe as are the three frames!  I guess that it
>     would be possible to rehang the bells and repair the tower at some
>     significant cost.
>     I understand that the five at St. George Tombland are capable of
>     being rehung at a reasonable cost, although when they were last
>     rung is unknown to me.  Probably 19th century.
>     Hopefully someone can add to this bit of info, which is possibly
>     out of date..
>     Best wishes
>     Alan
>     Bickerton, Roderic K (SELEX) (UK) wrote:
>>     Does anyone know if there are any plans to restore the bells at
>>     this,
>>     or any other, Norwich tower?
>>     There have been a couple of letters about St Andrews, and there are
>>     chimes at St Catharine, mile cross and S George toomland. I certainly
>>     have not heard of anything getting as far as an estimated proposal.
>>     Look at http://www.bellhistorians.org.uk/norwich/
>>     <http://www.bellhistorians.org.uk/norwich/>
>>     A very good on line reference.
>>     The "site has been created by David Bryant using information compiled
>>     by David Bryant and Rev'd David Cawley"
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