[Bell Historians] Norwich, St.Lawrence

David Cawley dave at FAvokoFasJGn9t-WqlsrY01VWpabIkIzIuySLTRagD0tjIc7Ss775Om0Hztn5uG3-ghX_8F8ul4J7tNqn8ohqMVHmcgF.yahoo.invalid
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No, Alan - I was still a boy at school then. I was at Sprowston 1972-75. Good to have your remuiniscences of St Catgherine's where I was once told off for wearing a coloured stole!

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  Hello David,

  Probably. :-)  One of a number  of senior choir boys.  Probably the only one who ever attempted Plain Hunt!   That would have been roughly early 1956 to mid 1957 when I gave up the choir.

  Don't remember a Stanley Plunkett, but there was certainly a 'Plunkett' there.  The Rev'd Bell was vicar.

  Best wishes



  David Cawley wrote:

    St Catherine's: As Alan says, the tower is just not suitable in plan, elevation or situation to take them as a ring. They were hung by M&S at St Catherine's when the present church was built in 1937 after thirty years on the floor of St Mary Coslany following the removal of the (remains of) the upper stage of that tower.

    St Andrew's: the ropes fall in the order 1-3-2-7-10-5-4-6-9-8. The first peal of London Major was rung there, bad enough without the back eight ropes falling 1-5-8-3-2-4-7-6! Otrher such examples in East Anglia included Beccles and Horham. Both since rehung. Last ringing at St Andrew's was 1902.

    St George Tombland. Rehung in 1975 in the old frame, for chiming. I was DAC Adviser on Bells for Norwich at the time and also the NDA's first Technical Adviser. It was quite by chance that the money became available simply to hang them 'dead' on the old frame. The NDA at the time had no significant bell fund, and like St Andrew's the tower needed extensive work.They are a pleasant sounding minor five, probably not rung in the last 150 years.  

    Alan: were you the lad who was chiming at Mile Cross in Stanley Plunkett's time - i.e. when I was curate of Sprowston?

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